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There was a meeting of the board at FWD on Wednesday 10/2. Someone posed the question, "What can we do to sell more records"? Also, Bill is really pushing to change the organization's name. Greg doesn't understand what is the point of such a change. Will we sell more records?

Stackpole received a Golden Ear Award from Earshot Jazz as "Northwest Outside Jazz Group of the Year" for 2001. Here's the blurb from the P-I:

"There was a new category this year. Outside Jazz Group replaced the anachronistic Electric Jazz Group. This award is intended to honor those who have 'advanced the critical vanguard of the art form.' It could not have gone to a more deserving group - Stackpole is living proof of the worlds of sound yet to be discovered. Led by guitarist Dennis Rea, a leading force among Seattle improvisers, the group includes alto saxophonist Wally Shoup, bassist Geoffrey Harper and drummer Gregg Keplinger, whose musical idealism makes him one of the most sought after technicians of the instrument." The latest from The Trey Gunn Band, 'Live Encouner' is now available here on the First World site!

The latest from The Trey Gunn Band, 'Live Encouner' is now available here on the First World site!

Stackpole will be performing with Maybe Monday (Fred Frith, Miya Masaoka & Larry Ochs) as part of Seattle's Earshot Jazz Festival on Monday, October 29 at On The Boards, 100 W Roy (lower Queen Anne), 8 pm, $15/$13 Earshot members.

FWD's latest release, 12 (Las Vegas is Cursed) by Hector Zazou and Sandy Dillon is now available for purchase on this site!

No Futuro CD release show is July 19 at the Baltic Room, Seattle

Hana and No Futuro perform August 3th at the Sky Church, EMP Seattle

Hana performs August 25 at the Crocodile Cafe and at Bumbershoot Monday September 3 at 6:15 at Sky Church.

On Friday, June 8th, Greg Gilmore Fred Chalenor and Dave Carter will be performing at Mr. Spot's Chai House in Ballard. This trio is currently un-named.

On May 29th, Hana will be appearing at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle with the Posies.

On June 28th, Hana will be appearing at the Baltic Room.

Stackpole CD release show has been rescheduled for July 8 at the Sunset Tavern on Ballard Avenue in Ballard.

On April 28th, Hana will celebrate the release of their new cd, 'Omen' at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle

Hana will be appearing in Portland, OR at the Fez Ballroom on May 12th. They will also be doing an instore appearance at the westside Music Millenniium in Portland at 3pm that afternoon

Stackpole CD release show at the OK Hotel on March 29 -Seattle

** Sorry, due to earthquake and mardi gras damage, the OK is no more. This show will be rescheduled.

Jeff Greinke performs solo at the Medicine Hat, Portland OR March 2nd.

LAND will give a CD release performance March 22nd at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle to celebrate the release of their new album 'Road Movies.'

On April 24, Hana, featuring Jeff Greinke and Anisa Romero, will release a followup to their acclaimed first album. 'Omen' will be more rhythmic and song-oriented in comparison while maintaining a highly textural and evocative sound. Ben Ireland (drums) and Fred Chalenor (upright and electric bass, stick) also play on the record.

Trey Gunn Band westcoast tour links here.

HANA Feb 15 at the Baltic Room -Seattle

LAND with the Trey Gunn Band Feb 2 at the OK Hotel -Seattle

HANA is playing January 13 at the Crocodile Cafe -Seattle

January 2001 brings the release of "Stackpole" (FWD 01-08), a landmark recording of Seattle free jazz featuring guitarist Dennis Rea (LAND, Axolotl), saxophonist Wally Shoup (Project W, Thurston Moore), acoustic bassist Geoff Harper, and Northwest drum legend Gregg Keplinger. Stackpole's totally improvised music-in-the-moment ranges from eerie, hovering sonorities to hurtling freebop to hurricane-force sonic gales - an invigorating and truly unclassifiable amalgam of jazz energy, top-notch musicianship, and startling sounds.

In February 2001, the long-awaited third LAND album, "Road Movies," will become available. Founded in 1993 by renowned sound sculptor Jeff Greinke, LAND features the gorgeous trumpet lines of Lesli Dalaba, the searing guitar work of Dennis Rea, Seattle's favorite bassist Fred Chalenor, and the mighty Bill Rieflin on drums. At once intense, strange, and beautiful, "Road Movies" is sure to challenge, astound, assuage, and ultimately delight the adventurous listener.

Hana is at the OK Hotel Oct 12, and LAND at the OK Hotel Nov 16 -Seattle.

Bill Rieflin and Chris Connelly are currently working on a new record, titled 'Largo.' The record is the culmination of a series of "writing experiments" that Chris and Bill have been conducting over the years. The record will include updated versions of 'The Last of Joy' from Chris' Whiplash Boychild record and of 'Stray' from The Ultimate Seaside Companion - which is being re-released (with bonus tracks) on Invisible Records this September. There will also be a few surprise cover tunes on 'Largo.'

Much of the music was recorded live, just voice and piano. The shortest song is 44 seconds; the longest is almost 8 minutes. Chris and Bill are very excited ("We're very excited") and think it may be the most punk record they've ever made.

Release is scheduled for this coming February.

LAND, featuring Lesli Dalaba, Bill Rieflin, Dennis Rea, Fred Chalenor, and Jeff Greinke, plays at Aero Space -Seattle, July 26.

Jeff Greinke plays solo Apr 6 OK Hotel -Seattle, Apr 22 Open Space -Victoria B.C., Apr 26 I Spy -Seattle.

Hana plays Apr 29 Live radio/internet broadcast Sonarchy KCMUi -Seattle, May 6 Baltic Room -Seattle.

LAND and the Trey Gunn band are playing Fri, Feb 11th at I Spy Nation (Seattle).

FWD on-line store is open for business again.

Hana at the Baltic Room Sat, Jan 22.

Radio Chongching at the Lava Lounge Thur, Jan 20.

Hana is playing at the Baltic Room (Seattle) Saturday, Nov 6. Anisa and Jeff will be joined by Ben Ireland and Greg Gilmore.

Radio Chongching is playing the Lava Lounge (Seattle) Thursday, Nov 4.

The Guestbook was broken for a couple of weeks. It works now.

Trey Gunn plays on the new John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) record, Zooma.

Trey Gunn heads off to Nashville on October 20th to begin work on the next King Crimson record. On his way there he makes a brief stop in New York to finish the mastering of his next solo CD The Joy of Molybdenum.


Announcing: First World is now being distributed to retail stores throughout the USA by City Hall Records. With an official release date of November 9th, all FWD titles are being made available to record stores from sea to shining sea. Now, even people without computers can have easy access to FWD CDs. We look forward to a long a fruitful relationship with City Hall. Best Wishes to us all.

November 9th is also the release date for 'The Repercussions of Angelic Behavior,' a CD of music recorded live in the studio by Bill Rieflin, Robert Fripp, and Trey Gunn. Keep an eye out for it.

FWD CDs are still available through the First World website and will continue to be. We are going through a restructuring with our online store, so expect to see some changes within the next few weeks. We are looking at a smooth transition without any inconveniences to those wishing to purchase on-line. Stay tuned.

LAND has upcoming shows: Berbati's Pan -Portland Nov 11, Sit n Spin -Seattle Nov 12, Metropolis -Olympia Nov 13

HANA will play the Fenix -Seattle Oct. 19th with Echo and the Bunnymen, The Baltic Room -Seattle Nov 6. Greinke/Romero will be joined by percussionists Ben Ireland and Greg Gilmore

Leslie Dalaba's own update:

Late September I met up with Chris Cutler in San Francisco for part of his west coast tour. We played a (technically challenging) trio with Tom Dimuzio in SF, we rented a car so Chris could see a bit of the Real Ocean. Taking the slow way north (stopping for every view point & a couple of hikes), we were joined in Portland by Amy Denio & Bill Horist for a night of fun. Sweet folks at what is now The Glass Factory helped us retain some sanity. The concert I had arranged for Seattle was, thankfully, free of technical problems & great fun. What a gang - Tari Nelson-Zagar, Elizabeth Falconer, Denio & Horist plus CC & myself. Chris got to stretch from delicate beauty to rockin' out & it was a treat to hear his lyrics.

I met Chris for the first time last year in Fred Frith's new group, Tense Serenity. With Tense Serenity, Fred is exploring the weaving of written compositions into a free-improv environment. When the compositions are played, or if they are played at all, is decided spur-of-the-moment, depending on how the improv is going. Tense Serenity's debut gig was a quartet: FF, CC, Daan Vandewalle & Claudio Puntin. Then Fred asked me in for a two-week tour last year, & again spring 1999. Fred has just started a three-year teaching position at Mills College in Oakland. October 29, Fred will present his first concert for Mills - a scaled down version of Tense Serenity - a trio with myself & Ikue Mori. Playing extremely challenging music, and in my home town (both parents, uncle, family friends, etc will attend) is shaking up my nerves a bit. At least it's getting me to practice a bit more diligently.

LAND played at Bumbershoot on September 4th.

HANA played at Bumbershoot on September 5th.

First World held its 'First Batch' CD release party on Saturday, Aug 14 at the Baltic Room, Seattle. Well attended by friends, family, and the unsuspecting, a good time was had by all.

HANA played on August 7th, to a packed house at the Baltic Room in Seattle. They were joined by percussionists Ben Ireland (Sky Cries Mary) and Greg Gilmore (Radio Chongching). Ben and Greg lent a rich rhythmic texture to Hana's deep swirling sound.

RADIO CHONGCHING performed Saturday, July 31 on Sonarchy Radio, KCMU FM 90.3, (Seattle). They have begun working on a new record now with Fred Chalenor on stick and bass.

Jeff Greinke's classic 1992 ambient album Lost Terrain as been reissued by Hypnos. For more information regarding that release and all other Greinke titles visit hypnos.com/greinke.

Hana, Jeff's collaboration with Anisa Romero toured the west coast in July with Sky Cries Mary, Sweet 75, and Sunshine Cake; Jeff was busy during that tour performing also with Sweet 75 and Sunshine Cake.

Jeff Grienke is currently working with his group LAND on completing their third album, Winnebago Weekend. LAND is Greinke (keyboards), Dennis Rea ( guitar), Lesli Dalaba (trumpet), Fred Chalenor (bass), Bill Rieflin (drums). Their CD will be released thi s fall on FWD.

On June 19 & 20 David Hykes, Trey Gunn, Bill Rieflin, and Greg Gilmore performed at On The Boards, in Seattle. David Hykes is an harmonic singer - meaning he can sing more than one note at a time. Trey has written at length about this event on his web site. If you want to readup on this see: treygunn/hykes and treygunn/road.

On June 11th, Bill Rieflin performed in Amsterdam at the Paradiso with a group assembled by French producer Hector Zazou. The event known as Moondive is a yearly series of concerts sponsored by VPRO, the adventurous arm of Dutch radio. There was a live radio and internet broadcast, as well as an hour long television special which aired two days later.

The special showed the musicians in rehearsal and in concert. "Those damn cameras followed us everywhere," said Rieflin. "In rehearsal, on breaks, at meals. You'd be standing there having a nice quiet conversation with someone, and then there they were. All of a sudden you're on the spot when all you want to do is have a break." The group met and played on June 6 for the first time. They were: Justin Adams - guitar & vocals, Renaud Pion - clarinet, Caroline Lavelle - cello & vocals, Micha Molthoff - violin, Pierre-Alain Goualch - keyboards, Susan Haps, Gracia Gorré, and Karima Lemghari - vocals, with Zazou on keyboards and Rieflin on drums.

"Basically how it worked is that we were put in a room for five days, and in that time we wrote and rehearsed the music for the show at the Paradiso," Rieflin continues. "Everyone came with a little something, and there was a lot of improvising. Hector functioned more or less as a facilitator. The events of that week could probably fit into a long New Yorker article, but that's the quick story. The longer story involves one of the group quitting during sound check, leaving us with two hours to re-write half the set. But I had a really great time. I'm glad I went."

For more information on the Moondive concerts, particularly if you speak Dutch, look up: www.vpro.nl/moondive.