FWD Home
"I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues."

- Duke Ellington

The following are responses to a few questions:

FWD was created as an internet / mail order music label. We are currently looking at the option of retail distribution, so this may change. Until then, we recommend purchasing FWD CDs via this website. We'll keep you posted on any changes.

We are not officially accepting any demos, sorry to say. We are a young label and our plate is rather full right now. However, we can't stop you from mailing music our way if you really, really have to. But there is no guarantee that anyone will listen. Still, you never know...

As far as we know, Trey Gunn does not play golf.

The background and font colors of Bill's diary are Bill's very own handy work.

Older releases by Jeff Greinke can be found at www.hypnos.com/greinke.

Bill Rieflin is not planning any live performances of material from 'Birth of a Giant.'

Greg Gilmore thinks he should.

FWD would like to thank everyone who in good faith and hope has sent us their music, either seeking a record deal and the ensuing fame and riches which inevitably follow, or perhaps just some friendly feedback or advice. Unfortunately, we are unable to give your work the full attention we know it deserves. Our poor staff is over worked and under paid, and the label is not at this time actively seeking to extend it's artist's roster.

We will be addressing general and not-so-general inquiries from time to time on this page. Stay tuned.