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Jeff Greinke

Jeff Greinke
Weather From Another Planet

Trey Gunn Band
Road Journal 2002

Trey Gunn Band
Live Encounter

Hector Zazou & Sandy Dillon
12 (Las Vegas is Cursed)

No Futuro
No Futuro


Bill Rieflin & Chris Connelly

Road Movies



Rieflin, Fripp, Gunn
The Repercussions of Angelic Behavior

Jeff Greinke

Radio Chongching
Radio Chongching

Bill Rieflin
Birth of a Giant


Trey Gunn
Raw Power
Radio Chongching - Radio Chongching
Radio Chongching
Radio Chongching
FWD 99.04

Lesli Dalaba
Greg Gilmore
George Soler

The Drill
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Nanjing 37
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Bill Rieflin says the Radio Chongching record is his favorite First World release.

"...dark, mysterious, rich and beautiful... this band is really cool."   - Bill Frisell

"...dreamlike ...tuning via long-wave radio to a remote station in an unimaginable land."   - Earshot Magazine

"it's so exciting to hear sound of "radio chongching" from seattle, the sister city of chongching, it's full of inspiration, it's a kind of heart beating which you can hear it everywhere in the universe, if you really care. thank you for bring me the extraordinary feeling. hope you play this in chongching" -Huwei

Lesli Dalaba -trumpet
Elliott Sharp's Carbon, Wayne Horvitz's and Robin Holcomb's New York Composers Orchestra, and the Balkan brass band Zlatne Ustne, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey, LaMonte Young, George Lewis, John Zorn and Eugene Chadbourne. Currently, Lesli is a member of Frith's Tense Serenity and Greinke's LAND.

Greg Gilmore -drums and stuff
Ten Minute Warning, Mother Lovebone. Sometimes referred to as the God Father of Grunge.

Fred Chalenor -bass, stick, upright bass
Tone Dogs, Elliot Sharp, Hughscore, Jeff Greinke/LAND, Wayne Horvitz's groups: the President, Pigpen, Zony Mash, and a strange polyrhythmic rock band called Caveman Shoestore.

George Soler -stick
George has moved on to Microsoft.